Picuki Instagram viewer and editor

Picuki Instagram viewer and editor 2022

Have you ever heard of Picuki, an Instagram viewer and editor? If not, please read this article to find out about its details.

What is Picuki?

Picuki is an online website that enables its users to download pictures of an Instagram account. The best feature of this application is that a person who is using it does not need to make his log in I’d. Not just posts but you can even see stories of the person.

Furthermore, you can use Picuki for editing stories, profiles, posts, followers and locations. It is free web-based software. Also, Picuki enables the user to explore trending things on Instagram that involve profiles and tags.

It does not trouble its users by asking for a sign-up after some time. Also, this tool is completely free for everyone. This website produces its profit through the Google AdSense program.

The things which you cannot do from Picuki are commenting, watching live streams, assembling your post, changing profile settings and also most importantly you cannot download pictures from a private account.

Moreover, Picuki is anonymous. The account handler will never know about your view. The time and date are never displayed on their screens. They never get to know about your data.

How to use Picuki?

If an individual wants to visit Picuki.com, you need to type http://Picuki.com in the address bar of your favourite browser. Click the enter button and after that, you will be on its official page. After this, open the portal and you can search for anything.

Using the website ‘Picuki’ is safe and legal and browsing an individual make is also safe. This is an easy way to avoid any stroke of bad luck. This online

web-based software is not prohibited or banned in any country. It is a legal way to download pictures from Instagram.

While using this web-based software you can find out some desired hashtags and locations. After you open up the website trending hashtags will automatically display on your screen.

Also, then you can look at the profiles and can follow them as well. Apart from that, you can also use desired hashtags to direct traffic to your Instagram account. Well, everybody knows how Instagram elevates posts that are trending. So, according to people ‘Picuki’ is one of the best techniques to raise your viewers.

Picuki Reviews

For 100% real reviews an individual needs to check out the reviews on their website. Picuki is prominent on many platforms such as Google, Bing etc. This clearly shows how much people are using this website.

Apart from that, people do not have any complaints about this website. It is easy to use without any requirements or conditions. It has made downloading easy and the best part is that nobody knows who has viewed it.

Picuki Complatability

Picuki.com is an online web-based software that works only on desktops. An individual cannot use it on his phone. But a beta testing app is available for iOS users but it does not work well. So according to researchers, This software should be used on desktops.

Currently, it’s not available as an application so an individual cannot download it or install it. The only way you can use this is through its online website via a desktop.

Websites Like Picuki

There are many other websites like Picuki such as ‘Inflact’. This software is similar to Picuki. It also provides unlimited downloads and is a free app. You can even view people who have blocked you. It requires a subscription.

SmiHub is also an Instagram analyzer and viewer. With this software, you can examine your brand or even other brands’ statistics. Gramhir is also an Instagram viewer and analyzer. This software works exactly like Picuki but it provides additional features such as the number of comments and likes that can be predicted.

Fullinsta is software that allows its user to appear as a guest. This software is not registered so it’s not recommended due to safety reasons. Watchinsta allows downloads for pictures and videos. You can also export these videos and pictures as a zip file.


It is a marketed and reputed software. Picuki is not complex software, it is quite simple. It operates as an Instagram editor and viewer. According to the research, many users have stated that they have been using both the viewer and editor at the same time.

I hope this article has cleared all your confusion and misunderstanding regarding this web-based software. It is easy and one of the best software to use by keeping a viewer anonymous.

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