What does IYKYK mean? How to use it?

What does IYKYK mean?

What does iykyk stand for? “if you know you know” 

This acronym implies that a post or message will make sense to some people and will not make sense to others. The internet is full of slow times, and there seems to be no shortage of new entries in the online lingo dictionary. Todays, TikTokers use the acronym #IYKYK to discuss a range of jokes on social media. In fact, the hashtag is so popular that #iykyk currently has 3.4 billion views on TikTok.

Here’s everything you need to know about the phrase and the popular hashtag.

While IYKYK became popular on social media in 2020, it dates back to 2016, according to the Urban Dictionary .

An urban dictionary defines IYKYK as, if you were there, you would know it, but if you were not, you would not do it. Simple teenage things.

Meaning of IYKYK 

 IYKYK meaning, Unlike many Internet slang terms that we cover on this site, “IYKYK” is a recent invention. At the start of 2020, IYKYK became even more popular due to a fast-growing TikTok hashtag, iykyk meme is frequently used by tiktokers where users would create videos with hashtag #IYKYK for specific audiences. This term peaked in Google Trends at beginning of 2020. This is all about ”what is IYKYK”.

What does iykyk mean on Twitter? 

 People on Twitter have also used #IYKYK tags in their posts few of friends who are only can understand the real meaning of the post.

 What does iykyk mean on Instagram?

As this hashtag is most popular, People add this hashtag to their Instagram posts to be visible to the audience. It’s now become a marketing tactic as well. 

For example

1.      If someone posts a video with the caption “#iykyk Music Production Problems,” it might make sense to you if you also produce music. It also applies to a fan base of a medium, such as a television show or video game.

2.      If someone might post: “When I’m in a virtual classroom and my camera is off #iykyk.” While the content in this post may make a lot of sense to a teenager who went to school during virtual classes, it might not make any sense to someone who never experienced that.

3.      If you’ve been skipping on Zoom movie nights with your friends for the past few days, something funny might have happened on one of those calls. Therefore, you can post an Instagram story referencing the incident, along with “IYKYK” as a subtle nod to your friends. If one of your other friends didn’t show up for the call, they probably wouldn’t understand the reference.

How to use IYKYK

This is very simple, if you have something funny for your friends that can only understandable by your friend group then post it on your social media accounts like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and add a hashtag #IYKYK

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