Creating a Custom T-Shirt

Ultimate Guideline for Creating a Custom T-Shirt

Design is integrated into even the simplest transactions in our everyday lives, making it one of the most popular professions in demand in the labor market. You will notice designs in books, advertising graphics, mugs, brand products, and clothes when you look around.

Custom t-shirt design should also be considered while talking about fashion design. Due to its popularity worldwide, this article will demonstrate the ultimate guide to designing a custom t-shirt.

Is designing custom t-shirts a profitable business?

In the past, designers used typical printing techniques, which have been utilized to imprint graphics and images on clothing. However, with a little development and the use of high-potential technologies, the cost and time associated with printing designs on clothing have decreased.

Birthdays, marriages, graduation celebrations, uniforms for a certain firm, and many other occasions are examples of events that require custom t-shirts. Therefore custom t-shirt design is one of the profitable projects that have spread recently.

Can I start designing custom t-shirts if I am not a designer?

T-shirt design is a business that anyone can start, particularly those with fine taste, artistic talent, and the capacity to satisfy customer demands. Therefore, if you need to learn the basics of designing t-shirts, there is no problem.

Designing t-shirts depends on images, graphics, catchy phrases, and logos. Once the custom t-shirt design is ready, printing is not a big deal with the help of cutting-edge printing technologies. In fact, many websites will print your tee shirt design and have it shipped anywhere around the world.

What are the steps for creating a custom t-shirt?

T-shirt design service is one of the projects individuals resort to as a stable source of income due to its involvement in several activities and business fields, so here are the essential steps for creating personalized t-shirts:

Determine the purpose of the design

First and before starting the design process, it is important to determine the idea to be created. You have to ask yourself, will this design be admired by consumers, and does it fully express the goal? Therefore, it should be as attractive as possible to spark curiosity and encourage people to buy it from you at first glance.

Pick your colors carefully

The second step in creating customized t-shirts is to pay attention to the color harmony between the fabric’s natural hue and the color of any text, graphics, or logos printed. You should ensure these two sets of colors are coordinated if you want your business to succeed. 

Several apps and websites can provide successful color-matching suggestions if you need help determining which colors complement one another.

Choose the right size for the logo or font

The font or logo size should be considered when creating t-shirts on a computer since choosing the right size is essential for a good result. For example, when printing a phrase, it should be considered easy to read by spectators, so they do not have to stare for a long time to understand what is written.

Pick a high-quality material

Think about the fabric your design will be printed on. Cotton is a very popular option, especially for those with allergies, as it is inexpensive, simple to print on, and easy to clean. An alternative choice is for the shirt to be 50% cotton and 50% polyester, which tends to have a softer feel.

Design preview before printing

After choosing the fabric, colors, font size, or logo, you should review the final design. You must see what it will look like on the shirt and glaze the dimensions, spacings, and size if necessary.

What are the top tips when designing custom t-shirts?

Be careful not to overdo the design

Your shirts don’t necessarily need to be flashy and loud to draw attention. Sometimes, you need a simple design, a meaningful logo, and a lovely icon. You can utilize a t-shirt design template for a more standardized design process.

Many ready-made templates are available online, such as those used for birthdays, graduation parties, weddings, etc. Therefore, the t-shirt design process needs a professional who can transform ordinary designs into meaningful designs; you must add your touch and print the t-shirt.

Good marketing for your business

Some designers prefer to create custom shirts to sell on their website or ecommerce platforms; in this case, there are a few things to look after, the most vital of which is to make sure your shirts match your design style and are consistent with your principles and character.

Build a database of clients

You should determine the target demographic to maintain clients if you want your name to stand out in the t-shirt design industry. In other words, it is advisable to conduct surveys to identify the styles, looks, and fabrics they prefer before you begin creating to ensure that your designs are something they are proud to wear. This way, you can save time and money.


Finally, creating personalized t-shirts is one of the best professions to start, especially if you are still in school and need extra money. If you follow the tips and steps above, your business will undoubtedly become well-known over time.

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