Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Make Sure To Avoid These 3 Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social media is essential to growing a brand and becoming a successful company. The various platforms are indispensable tools to have as a marketer. You can create a fanbase of dedicated and loyal customers for your brand as opposed to customers who make a purchase and disappear. Using social media, you can target the ideal customer for your company.

However, it is not exactly easy to pull off a successful social media marketing campaign. Whether you are using Instagram, Facebook, or some other platform, you have to avoid making certain mistakes. In this article, we will cover some of the common mistakes so you can avoid making them yourself.

1 – Treating every platform the same

Each social media platform has its own way of operating. Their algorithms are all different and have different objectives. Not only that but the platforms also attract the different audiences. The mistake many marketers make is to treat every platform the same and don’t change strategies for each.

You’ll need to understand how the different platforms work so you can get the most out of each one. For instance, some pictures work better on one than another. Instagram needs to have very vibrant pictures with generous use of filters. Facebook needs to have edited pictures with transparent background images superimposed on another background.

The type of content will also need to be tailored to the specific platform you choose to focus on. Snapchat needs to have very concise text and a picture whereas Facebook can have long-form content that is almost like articles in length.

2 – Not engaging with followers

Social media platforms should be seen more like a community than a marketing tool. This means that you have to engage the people that are your followers. When you post content and people respond, you should respond to them as well. Make sure to use comments that start a conversation and not just say thank you.

This engagement will show that you are trying to curate a community and not just looking to market your company or products.

3 – Not understanding your ideal customer

There is a certain type of person that best represents the average customer for your business. This is your ideal customer and understanding who they are will make it easier to set up a marketing campaign on social media. The mistake marketers make is not understanding who the audience is so a lot of time gets wasted as well as money.

Since each platform has a different audience, when you understand who your ideal audience is then you can use the right one to focus on. Then, you will also understand the type of content that they are most likely to respond to so you can craft your messages more effectively. Take some time to research who your ideal customer is and then make an avatar that best represents them. With this avatar, you have a great way to craft a winning campaign

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