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Youtube SEO: Tips and tricks for more clicks and followers

After Google, YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for bringing information to men and women. Product tests, tutorials or interesting facts from a myriad of authors fight for the viewer’s attention. But how exactly do you manage to land in the top search results on Youtube. We have put together some tips and useful information that will help you get more clicks and more visibility.

Short facts about Youtube

YouTube is probably the best-known video platform with around two billion users worldwide every month – an unbelievable number. Around 500 hours of video material is uploaded here every minute and a full 37% of all internet traffic is on YouTube. With these few facts it is already clear that you as an author have to assert yourself against a lot of competition. However, there is an almost endless number of viewers who are just waiting to find and like new interesting posts.

Compared to Google, YouTube is not a real search engine because user behavior here is very different from Google or Bing. Many visitors to the platform first search for a specific video or a specific topic. If this is displayed to them, however, they often follow the recommendations that YouTube offers and click through more videos.

Personalized Youtube Search

The algorithm that YouTube uses is designed to present individual search results. It is very likely that there are no users with identical homepages, because Youtube only wants to show you videos that you are really interested in. About 70% of the videos shown are selected by the recommendation algorithm, which of course works very differently than an organic search engine like Google. Accordingly, the Youtube SEO looks different. If you need professional help with this, there are a number of marketing agencies that specialize in SEO.

What happens to your videos on Youtube

If you upload a video to Youtube, the right keywords that you have incorporated into your post thanks to Youtube SEO will be used for the first 14 days. The algorithm recognizes what your video is about and displays the video for relevant searches. You should not change anything in your post at this stage. 

After the first 14 days, the popularity of the video will determine how often the algorithm recommends your video. The goal of Youtube SEO is therefore not only to be successful via the primary search function using keywords, but also to be included in the recommendation algorithm in the long term. The more likes and followers you have, the more often your videos will be recommended. The first six weeks are crucial for the continued success of your YouTube channel.

8 Crucial Ranking Factors for Your Youtube SEO

With these tips, your videos will be easier to find in the short and long term, and get recommended more often.

Use of Keywords

Check the keywords for each video you want to upload. With the suggest option, Youtube offers various suggestions for a main keyword. Some keywords can also be taken from your Google research. However, always keep in mind that the intention of users on YouTube is not to buy, but rather to provide information about a certain topic. This is the big difference between Google searches and Youtube searches.

Find your target audience and the right keywords with the following questions:

  • Are these keywords good for building an audience that will subscribe to my Youtube channel?
  • Do these users match my company and my publications?
  • Will these users remain long-term subscribers to my channel?

Include the chosen keywords in the video description and title. In order to be effective for Youtube SEO, important keywords should also appear in the file name or tags. For the correct arrangement and use of the keywords, you can also look at the competition to see how they do it.

Have the videos on similar topics displayed and select “Popularity” under “Sort by”. Now you will be shown the most popular titles and you can check the titles and the position of the keywords. 

The title

An interesting title arouses the first interest of users. In the maximum 100 characters of the title, your main keyword should definitely be placed at the beginning. If possible, reduce your title to 50 characters. According to the Brigsby study, this is the optimal length for successful, high-ranking titles. Briefly summarize the content of the video here. 

Invest in a perfect intro

The first few seconds are crucial to whether a user watches your video or not. Make it a core part of your Youtube SEO to make the first 10-15 seconds as perfect as possible. Avoid using logos here and instead present the problem your video addresses and how you came up with it.

So show how with introductions

“I found that…” or

“Today I will show you…”

What topic your video deals with and that you have given it some thought and know what you are talking about. 

The length of the video

The shortest video isn’t always the best here. It is important for YouTube SEO that the length of the video matches the content. Do not unnecessarily lengthen your post.

In most cases, a tutorial on cutting hair for children takes a few minutes. However, if you are targeting marketing enthusiasts or entrepreneurs with your video about YouTube SEO, this will probably result in a longer video, which will be very well received by your target audience if it explains the topic well. Every minute of your video should be filled with useful and interesting information.

On average, very short videos of less than two minutes have relatively poor reception. It is best to start with posts that are four minutes or longer. The good mediocrity is 10 to 16 minutes. Depending on the topic, the videos can sometimes be longer. 

The playback time that your video produces, i.e. how long a video is played, is important for the YouTube algorithm. More watch time means more relevance to Youtube. Short posts may get more clicks, but interesting 16-minute videos can quickly give you longer watch time.

Youtube SEO in the video description

The description of your video is an important part in the implementation of Youtube SEO. Here you get the chance to place your keywords again. The total length available is 5,000 characters. However, not all users read descriptions that long.

For an optimal description, implement the following points:

A very good length of the description is 300 to 350 words. It should not be less than 200 words. 

The main keyword must appear in the first 125 characters, because these 2 to 3 lines are displayed directly. This is where you should pique your audience’s curiosity to read further. Everything written after the first 125 characters will not be read by the user until he clicks on “read more”. 

Shortened URLs are better received. This is where it pays to try tools like Bitly. 

Avoid links to external websites. If you already have other videos and posts that add more content and substance to your new video, you can mention them with a link in the description instead. Youtube thinks that’s great, because visitors stay longer on the Youtube page.

Interaction with visitors

The possibility to leave comments under the videos shows a positive effect on the ranking. Feel free to address the users directly here and ask them to leave comments or give your video a like. This shows Youtube that your contribution is well received.


The design of the thumbnail should be very meaningful, because it is the first impression that the user gets from your contribution. Thumbnails have a significant influence on the click rate and are used to evaluate the video. The algorithm also checks whether the thumbnail and the content of the video match.

If no thumbnail is specified, YouTube itself selects an image from the video and uses it as a thumbnail. The result is not always what you want, so it’s better to decide for yourself which image appears in the search results.

Important is:

  • Branding elements should be present
  • Clear color contrasts
  • Interesting image detail
  • Faces are very popular
  • Avoid a lot of text, a few words are enough
  • Explain the topic visually
  • Channel trailer and channel description 

For your channel trailer, it is worth recording your own small video instead of a successful post that has already been published. In the short spot of no longer than one minute, you should present yourself in the best possible way and present the topic of your channel. This is where many users decide whether to subscribe to a channel or not. 

Adjust the channel description accordingly. The keywords can be placed here again and you can link your other social media accounts. Explain here what your channel is about, who you are and why you have so much to say on the subject. 

Good equipment 

Good equipment does not necessarily have to be expensive, but with the right equipment you can give your video contributions more quality. For the basic equipment, a microphone, studio lamp, a tripod for recording with the smartphone and a neutral background are completely sufficient. 


A successful YouTube channel cannot be created overnight. Long-term success in particular takes some time. If you incorporate the above tips into your posts, there is a very high probability that the YouTube algorithm will recommend your videos. Rely on interesting and well-executed content, this shows users that you have something to say and that it is worth subscribing to your channel. If you optimize your publications with the right keywords and a perfect description, more visitors will stay with your videos and your ranking will automatically improve. Also, you can always contact a social media agency and get help growing your accounts.

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