What is Willpower in BitLife

What is Willpower in BitLife?

The mobile life simulator BitLife has a lot to offer. Players trying to get to grips with this hit game for iOS and Android have a lot to learn. One of the things a lot of new players have to learn is how to manage the different character stats. These stats are usually generated randomly when you create a character, and they have a big impact on your life in the game.
Willpower in BitLife is one of the many stats your character has in the game. These stats are both visible and hidden during gameplay, depending on which stat it is. Along with karma and health, these three values ​​are the hardest to influence directly. But nonetheless, they are of great importance. Willpower is one of the few stats in the game that affects random events. Willpower specifically refers to your character’s mental strength. For example, if your character is addicted to shopping or drinking, they are more likely to develop worse versions of these habits with low willpower.
A higher Willpower score results in fewer random events involving addictions or other negative effects. A high score in the three areas above usually means that more positive things are happening in your digital life.

Is it possible to increase willpower in BitLife?

The answer to this question is yes, you can increase willpower in BitLife fairly easily. The problem is that it’s not always obvious. Unlike Appearance, Intelligence, and Luck, these stats are not displayed directly on the main screen. Under normal circumstances, you cannot see your willpower in-game.

How to Access Willpower in BitLife?

Willpower is currently available in iOS, for Android, this attribute may be available in the future. If you are using iOS and want to access the Willpower attribute, you may have to buy the God mode premium pack from the game store to tweak the attribute manually.

Meanwhile, if you are a F2P user, you will be able to improve your Willpower naturally through positive deeds. Keep in mind, you can also change the Willpower of all the characters that are involved with your life. Additionally, such tweaks will influence your life scenarios and aspects.

The God Mode in BitLife actually allows you to establish a custom life with full customization to your character’s appearance and attributes.

How to switch to your child before dying in BitLife

You have two options to increase your willpower during the game. Positive actions have the greatest impact. Think of the things you do to increase your health and happiness, they can often increase your willpower as well. Go jogging, go to the gym, go to the doctor and a few other things. All of these things have very little impact on your willpower. Aside from increasing willpower manually, there is another option.

There is one more option you can use to boost your stats early in the game. In order to change willpower directly in BitLife, you need to buy the God Mode premium pack in the game store. This paid addon costs just a few dollars and gives you the ability to change your character’s starting location, appearance, and stats. If you play a lot, this is a very useful thing.

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