How to join goth clique bitlife

How to join goth clique bitlife

Bitlife is a live simulation game on mobile sets, where you can live your life from birth to death. In this game, you can become anything you want and do anything you like. Bitlife is just like real life where you can get married and have children as well.

The coolest part of this game is joining cliques. One of the most popular cliques in BitLife is the goth Clique. If you are wondering how to become a goth in BitLife or how to get into goth clique BitLife then you are at the right place because this article is all about how to join goth clique BitLife.

Introduction to Bitlife

Bitlife is a new fascinating theme game app that is capturing the attention of many people around the world. This app is available for android and iOS users.

The game has a totally unique theme where you can create your own avatar. You can also select your parents and siblings, live your life the way you want, get married, have kids, choose a profession, and so on. There are endless possibilities in this game.

Bitlife is all about those desirable things which you want to do in real life but somehow you remain unsuccessful. This game was created by candy writer LLC developers. It was released in 2018. It is a free downloading game but if you wish to speed up the bitlife experience and use unique features you can also use real money.

The best feature of this game is getting to explore different cultures and groups. You can create your own family or join someone else’s family. You get to interact with new people.

What is a goth clique in bitlife

The goth clique in BitLife is a group of people characterized by their love for darkness. They like to wear dark tone attires and make-up. Mostly they like black or dark grey things. They dislike sunlight and love night. The people who join this clique love wearing black. Such  people listen to gothic rock or heavy music; they also like reading books about monsters and vampires.

Requirements to join Goth clique

If you have this question in mind, how do I join the BitLife team? First, decide the clique you want to join because every clique has its requirements. Like if you decide to join a Goth clique there are two requirements for it.

  • Your avatar should not be happy. It means creating an avatar that is low in happiness. A happy-go-lucky character cannot join a goth clique.
  • The second most important requirement is that your avatar should be low in looks. If you desire to join a goth clique don’t create an avatar like a model or celebrity. Your avatar should not be charismatic, athletic, intelligent, charmful, colorful, or career-oriented.

How to join goth clique bitlife

After you have created an avatar that is perfect for joining the goth clique in BitLife, here is the complete guideline about how to join the goth clique in bitlife.

  • First of all, create an avatar that has low looks. You can reroll characters as well. If your avatar is good looking then you can also use god mode to lower its happiness and looks. It will create more chances for joining the goth clique.
  • The second most important thing is achieving low happiness. You can decrease your happiness level by a variety of things including joining the goth clique and getting multiple rejections. You can also experience traumatic and sad events like losing a loved one.
  • After achieving low looks and low happiness avatar. Find a goth clique in BitLife. You can find a goth clique under the school tap.
  • If they don’t accept you in the clique on the first try, Don’t stress out because it will get you a few more low happiness levels. When you will try again with low happiness levels there are more chances for you to join the goth clique.


How to become a model in bitlife?

To become a model in BitLife, you will need at least qualifications like graduation from high school and you should have high looks stat. And to improve your looks, you can go to the gym, jog, walk, and even get plastic surgery. To get a job select the foot model under the jobs tab.

How to become a veterinarian in bitlife?

To become a veterinarian in bitlife, you need to study hard. First, graduate from high school and then enrolled yourself in a university to major in chemistry. After completing your education you will apply to veterinary school.

What is a corporate job in bitlife?

After completing your education from business school, you can search for a job in BitLife online. There are several corporate jobs which you can get in bitlife like the first vice president, managing director, finance manager, and many more.

How to become a famous author in bitlife?

To become a famous author in BitLife, graduate from high school, and then apply as a writer.

How to escape from prison in bitlife?

You can escape the prison by blocking the guard in the maze wall. This will restrict his movement and you can easily escape from the prison.

How to win the lottery in bitlife?

The only way to buy a lottery in bitlife is to keep buying tickets. The more lottery ticket you will buy there will be higher chances to hit the jackpot.

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