What is Business Opportunity? how to detect business opportunities for 2022

A business opportunity is a customer need that the company must fill. Indeed, it arises when requests come from customers. These requests relate to specific needs. On the business side, the objective must be to know how to track these needs in order to gain market share. Detecting business opportunities is thus the means through which it can ensure its growth. And to do this, it must be able to spot the signals that mark the existence of business opportunities to be seized. The company can then position itself to be present when customers make a purchasing decision

In the era of the connected customer, do you want to know concretely how to use the internet to boost your business? If you have a business finance degree and you know what is business finance, and how to get credit for a business is a plus point for business growth.
Here are 4 techniques for detecting business opportunities for 2022.

We will specifically reveal the best practices to prioritize, namely:

  • The lead generation,
  • The emailing campaign,
  • Telephone prospecting,
  • Marketing Automation.

These concepts are essential for prospecting at a lower cost, efficiently, while taking advantage of the best potential of the internet.

How to detect business opportunities in 2022?

1 – A lead generation with content marketing

To begin with, we will define “content marketing”. This term translates to “content marketing”. As its name suggests, it is a strategy used to promote your offer and maintain a lasting relationship with your prospects.

This, thanks to the production and distribution of relevant and unique digital content on all kinds of channels:

  • Blog,
  • Newsletters,
  • Websites,
  • Social networks,
  • Etc.

Why is this strategy seen as a real opportunity for your business? The reason is that it allows you to generate quality leads or business contacts.

Unlike traditional communication campaigns that try to capture prospects with intrusive advertising, lead generation is done at the discretion of the target person.

As long as your content interests him, he will try to find out more about your offers, leave his contact details in exchange for a deliverable (white paper, newsletters, etc.).

You can contact them attracted to your content as a timely sales lead since they are partly committed to your brand.

2 – Emailing

In B2B marketing, emailing is also a major tool that you can make the most of to boost your sales.

This strategy is often criticized for the fact that the consultation of messages can extend over time, that is to say, that the results are not obtained in real-time.

However, it is very interesting for its ridiculous cost compared to other prospecting techniques, whatever the type of your establishment (SME, TPE, e-commerce, etc.), especially since sending an email takes much less time.

Finally, if you think that email campaigns can’t be personalized, then think again. Certain software dedicated to this purpose can indeed automate the sending while allowing you to configure fields intended to individualize your messages according to your correspondents.

3 – Telephone prospecting

Also called telemarketing, this method is arguably the most effective business tool if you want to get business results in the shortest possible time.

Unlike the process of creating large professional networks, telephone prospecting allows a large number of contacts to be reached quickly, how would the technology industry use business intelligence to get best business results

But the greatest advantage of this form of telemarketing is that it allows you to get immediate feedback on your offer. In addition, there is the possibility of making the most of downtime and of organizing the schedule of your sales agents.

Finally, the other advantage, but not the least, when the voice exchange is perfectly mastered, it makes communication more human and more efficient.

4 – Marketing Automation

The last point of our Top 4 of the best strategies to optimize the profitability of your business, Marketing Automation consists of using CRM software that will be associated with your prospect data.

The goal is to help your sales team set up a system to assess the qualification level of your leads. Your business contacts will therefore be sorted according to a “scoring” ranging from “cold lead” (which shows only a slight interest in your offer) to “hot” (prospect ready to take the act of purchasing), this is “how to value a business”.

Depending on the actions and information about your leads, your sales team will be able to focus their efforts on the best commercial contacts of the moment, which makes your sales process more efficient.

Conversely, she can also use other strategies to further encourage cold leads to progress in their buying journey.


Each of the above strategies has its respective advantages, but you can also combine them to gain efficiency. In the process, you will further enrich the experience and the act of purchasing your prospects in 2022.

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