The Battle for Tech Supremacy

The Battle for Tech Supremacy: Who Will Win?

The tech industry is a fascinating sector. It has changed all of our lives forever. You are likely reading this article on a mobile phone, one of tech’s most significant innovations. Maybe you’re using your laptop or PC at home—another tremendous tech innovation. Don’t forget that handy tool of the internet, either. Something else that was designed and distributed by the technology industry. 

Historians will look back at this period and comment on the incredible acceleration in technological advancements. Twenty years ago, it was costly and time-consuming to call somebody internationally. Nowadays, you can send anyone a message anywhere in the world, at any time. You can call anybody at a low cost. You can even have someone play a game of poker instantly, in real time, here:

The ferocious rise of this sector has laid the bedrock for some of the 21st Century’s most prominent companies to become global leaders. 

Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet (Google’s sister company) have sat near the top of the biggest corporations list for over a decade. Today we will look at the rise of these companies and how they are now handling the significant changes that the industry is currently facing.


When Bill Gates created the Microsoft Office platform and the whole system that still underpins billions of devices today, some people doubted his visionary view. 

Although he spent a long time and considerable resources trying to bring affordable computers to the lives of Americans and others worldwide, once it started to ramp up in the 1990s, Microsoft was at the front and centre of the vast revolution. They changed everything.

Microsoft is still almost exclusively used in office spaces and businesses worldwide, providing a platform for other considerable companies to set up digital services. They were the pioneers of the tech industry and showed the internet’s incredible potential. Opening the door for even bigger tech companies to rise, such as Google.


As the world’s most visited website, Google has changed everything. Gone are the days of buying a dictionary, a thesaurus, a map, paying a translator, buying a recipe book, going to a record shop or walking into a travel agent. 

Google is a one-stop shop that started as a small search engine company in 1998. They are now the most viewed website on Earth and have over 125,000 employees. Many believe Google are the most powerful company on the planet, such as its reach and popularity on the internet.

The brand has also bought out the second biggest website in the world – YouTube. The massive buyout back in 2006 for over $1 billion is a steal at today’s price. Moreover, it was the first power move in the battle for tech supremacy, giving Google the first significant advantage over its tech competition.

There was no competition for Google in the search engine industry. There still isn’t, and they dominate the landscape. There’s no other video streaming platform that has anywhere near the quality and popularity of YouTube either. 

No, Google’s competitors were other huge American tech companies in different sectors, like Apple, who started to make their mark a year later.


Tech visionary Steve Jobs unveiled the world’s first iPhone in January 2007. The product would springboard Apple’s supremacy in the tech sector. It became the first company to surpass a $1 trillion, $2 trillion and $3 trillion market cap. 

Apple explored the possibility that a mobile phone didn’t need to be used for just phone calls. Instead, you should be able to use it for photography, planning your day, as an alarm clock and how to launch a start-up through the App store.

However, economic uncertainty and the many layoffs currently facing the sector have contributed to their share price dropping sharply. The Silicon Valley-based behemoth used the sales from the unbelievable success of the iPhone to develop a whole host of successful spin-off brands. 

This includes AirPods, iPads, Apple Music and Apple TV. Despite the loss of Steve Jobs and the dwindling power of the tech sector, Apple is still the biggest tech company on Earth.


With Apple leading the way in business size but Google operating the world’s two biggest web pages, the technology industry is still gigantic. However, recent mass layoffs in several industries, including connected tech industries such as social media, have cast doubt on whether the sector will continue its meteoric rise. 

Microsoft has started looking toward the next generation of AI technology, which might see them emerge as a frontrunner in the tech sector again. 

As the cost of living crisis begins to bite, Apple may see its market share slide as people cannot afford smartphones. However, this battle has a long way to go, and American tech companies are at the forefront. The competition will remain fierce, with trillions of dollars at stake.

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