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NFT games use blockchain technology to:

  • Prove ownership history.
  • The assets secured by the blockchain are immutable, they cannot be modified or edited.
  • Decentralize: all players can consult and use them.

In this article, we have listed some of the best NFT games of 2022 that will make you money and talk about upcoming nft games There is nft games list that is fun and you can trade your items, in-game characters with other players.

The best NFT games to watch in 2022

Here is a compilation of a list of blockchain games that are selected for the month of November, some of them cannot be played yet as it is in the beta phase.

Battle of Guardian

Battle of Guardians (BOG) is a real-time multi-player NFT PvP arena developed on the Unreal Engine. This is an advanced fighting game based on the Solana network in which players constantly fight to defeat other opponents in order to get more rewards. It allows users to benefit not only from the power of blockchain but also from its unmatched graphics. Here, players can engage in fierce multi-field battles across various areas of the vast sci-fi gaming world. BOG is designed for PC gamers, but it will eventually support cross-platform multiplayer on iOS and Android.

BOG believes in the future of the Metaverse and strives to build a safe gaming economy with long-term potential. With each new game launched, the BOG creates a fun and entertaining gaming metaverse experience with stunning graphics, unique NFTs, and plenty of opportunities to earn real profits.

The global gaming market is now over US$ 300 billion. However, all NFT games market represents less than 10% of this amount. The gaming industry, especially the NFT Fighting Game, still has a lot of potentials.

Gods Unchained

Free nft games, A collectible card game with a free-to-play and play-to-earn model where users can build decks and play the game against each other. Gods Unchained is similar to traditional collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering or Hearthstone.

With its exquisite game features and sophisticated animations, it hit over $ 1.3 million in half a month, according to the announcement made on its official website. Since cards are verifiable assets in Ethereum, all players own their assets. NFT sample card, Griffith, The Chosen, sold for $ 12,000 in May 2021.

With a newly launched marketplace and more ways than ever to trade your cards, Gods Unchained appears to be the leading provider of collectible card games. Gods Unchained will run on Immutable X and offer gas-free transactions in its marketplace.

Crypto Kitties

CryptoKitties was the first game built on the Ethereum network. Players buy, trade, and breed cats to create desirable traits which are in effect indivisible and unique ERC-721 tokens. Players can sell CryptoKitties on major NFT marketplaces like Dapper Labs developed the game on Ethereum and released it in November 2017.

Believe it or not, collecting and raising digital cats is an exciting activity. In 2017, for example, the popularity of the game caused traffic jams and headlines on the Ethereum network. You can get a CryptoKitty by buying one in the Marketplace or by breeding two Kitties together.

Breeding allows players to unlock rare attributes. Also, you can get rewards by creating a collection of cats. Once you have a collection you can take your cats to the KittyVerse where they can participate in catfights. You can also solve puzzles with other players.


Illuvium is an open-world RPG adventure game. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain with a play-to-earn structure in which users can earn in-game rewards. Through integration with Immutable X, players can enjoy a new era of NFTs.

You have access to zero gasoline charges, peer-to-peer typing, and instant transactions while keeping safe custody of your assets. It combines elements of traditional RPG collectibles with combat mechanics seen in the popular Autobattler genre.

The public launch of the Illuvium game is scheduled for 2022.

The Sandbox

What is a sandbox game? The Sandbox is a virtual “play-to-earn” style metaverse where you can own land, play game to earn crypto or create your own game. You can take control of the huge virtual world as a collector, artist, game maker or simply as a player who walks through the metaverse, going from one game to another as turtle sandbox. The sandbox with cover is built on the Ethereum network and has its own cryptocurrency called Sand.

It is one of the most publicized metaverses in cryptocurrency. It has developed an editor that can use to create models and animations for the future version of the blockchain. If you are looking to buy digital land or real estate, this is one of the best games to play and will likely have a strong presence in the metaverse.You can play sandbox games to earn crypto.

The Bottom Line: Which NFT game should you play or invest in?

The new NFT games listed above have blended into the gaming industry like a piece of a puzzle. Because they are so entertaining and lucrative, gamers are enjoying some of their favorite game genres while participating in the forefront of the current NFT gaming craze.

In 2021, the global cryptocurrency ownership rate increased by an average of 3.9%, with more than 300 million cryptocurrency users worldwide.

38% of them are millennials between the ages of 21 and 38, according to one study, and they make up the largest age group.

Top gaming crypto, NFT video games are a relatively new concept and people have jumped on the crypto bandwagon mainly because of the good returns they guarantee in the real world. Scarcity, proven ownership, and the ability to transfer assets to another player make it more demanding.

With growing interest from billionaire investors and retail traders, there is immense potential for crypto currency games to become more involved in the gaming industry.

There are plenty of games in development in 2021 and a few are already on the market. 2022 has already scheduled top nft games for release Also mobile nft games. So anyone who is currently in this space has a forerunner advantage. This makes it possible to get rid of intermediaries and to take a step forward in the direction of the future.

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