technical issues in your Mountain job

Tips to fix common technical issues in your Mountain job

The world has gone upside down since the pandemic hit us. A big chunk of organizations globally have shifted to a remote business model. They had to make impromptu changes to keep their businesses running and combat the huge losses that the lockdown brought.

Nonetheless, people duly adjusted to the change and optimistically embraced WFH culture. However, technical errors and challenges were inevitable. The operating devices in iPad, Macs, and printers crashed for various reasons.

Some common problems can be fixed at home without halting your work. So, if you’re also working remotely and face technical challenges, you’re on the right page. Let’s read on to find solutions to some common tech errors. 

1. Computer issues

It is frustrating to find your Mac or computer running slow or hanging while doing something important. There are issues when it runs low on memory and it becomes problematic when you ignore it for too long.

You might see a notification stating that the system has run out of application memory. But do not despair; you can quickly solve this problem. Begin by checking the ram usage on mac by toggling to the memory pane in the activity window. It will help you understand how the total memory is affecting your device.

Further, you can reduce memory usage by fixing bugs and closing unnecessary apps and websites. Also, many computer issues can be easily solved by updating them to the latest operating system.

2. Internet problems

Remote working primarily relies on a good internet connection. Unfortunately, it is common for people to face internet problems for various reasons. One of the main issues is the slow internet speed. It is because of multiple device connections, an old router, or bad weather.

Although, it might not be possible to get the high-speed internet as you get in an office space. However, you can do a few things to maintain a good, reliable connection to stay connected with your team.

We generally do not focus on updating the router’s firmware, but it is crucial to do that. Also, you can invest in devices that can help boost the wi-fi signal strength. Also, it is vital to check your net usage and choose a pack to fulfill all your needs. The internet pack you buy should be enough for all the chores, such as your office work, kid’s schooling, and other appliance usage.

3. Cybersecurity threats

Cyberattacks have surged in number since the pandemic hit. The cyber criminals have had the opportunity to take advantage of the situation. Therefore, it becomes more crucial than ever to integrate the best cybersecurity practices. The main contributor to cyber attacks at home offices is unreliable internet connections such as public wi-fi.

Failure to keep your network secure can lead to a data breach, ransomware attacks, and even malware infections putting your company’s operations at risk. So, to create utmost safety for your home office, you should begin by using encrypted VPN services when dealing with sensitive information.

Furthermore, you can use two-factor authentication, create strong passwords, and protect your information.

Bottom line

Knowing the common problems in a work-from-home setup can help you prepare for them in advance. It also assists in minimizing the impact on your productivity and workflow.

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