5 recommendations to enhance the computer security of your company

Businesses are increasingly dependent on technology. And although this can offer advantages in terms of operational management, it also makes them more susceptible to cyberattacks , especially if they are not focused on how to enhance the computer security of your company.

According to the cybersecurity firm Kaspersky, in 2019 Latin America suffered 42 malicious software attacks per second. Among the main forms of cyberattacks with malicious code were pirated software downloads, e-mail hoaxes and invasive advertising.

It is essential internally to implement a computer security policy to protect this important area and prevent theft of information. But what can you do to better protect your company’s data and not expose it to cybercriminals? 

Next, we tell you what actions you can carry out. 

Use credential scanning to enhance the computer security

For few reason, security key that give access to systems can be compromised and can generate a risk for the companies. For this reason, a solution to improve the computer security of an organization is to use a tool that allows credential scanning.

credential scanning

This resource allows you to detect vulnerabilities and avoid problems when taking care of rotating credentials. In addition, it is an option that will help you determine if you restrict access to other areas of the systems or eliminate shared credentials, among other things.

Use a password manager

Passwords are still one of the most used authentication models to protect accounts across different programs, platforms, and services. However, they tend to be a huge breach in computer security, mainly because users do not give due importance to setting a strong password to enhance the computer security of your company.

Password theft increased by 60% from 2018 to 2019. Among the most common mistakes made by users is using the same password for several services, or using personal data or expressions, among other things. In reality, they tend to use any password that is easy to remember, which is a great weakness for the company.  

password manager


To avoid password theft, it is essential to create a secure password, change it periodically and have one for each site or service. The problem is that it is useless to have a strong password if it is very difficult to remember. To solve this are the password managers; for which you only have to have a master password that will give you access to your accounts.

Start an awareness campaign 

Implementing a cybersecurity culture is key to avoiding this type of risk in companies. Remember that the users are the least strong weakest link in the security chain. Therefore, in addition to the previous actions, you must carry out campaigns that inform and make users aware of the importance of being cautious; and use the correct tools for information management inside and outside the company’s facilities.

Start an awareness campaign

Manage privileged accounts well

Good account management is key to avoiding computer security risks. Therefore, you must control access to the privileged accounts of your organization. It is best to reduce this number of accounts to the minimum possible; Since in this way you will considerably limit the vulnerabilities of the company and you will be able to avoid security breaches.  

Manage privileged accounts well

You must make an inventory of the accounts that exist, which must be correctly registered and categorized. It is important to analyze which ones are not needed, if there are some redundant or obsolete to eliminate them. Fortunately, this work and everything related to the accounts can be managed by a security platform that offers this function.

Value data encryption

Another way to enhance the computer security of the company is through encryption. Encryption is an action that makes it possible to protect data and files that travel through the Internet thanks to the application of encryption algorithms that make sensitive information incomprehensible without the key to decrypt it. 

Thus, if the data is intercepted, being encrypted makes it difficult for cybercriminals to have access to it. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to protect information; so it should not be neglected and should be carefully integrated into the network as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are many software that offer this solution. 

Value data encryption

Bomgar (BeyondTrust) the ideal solution to enhance your company’s IT security

If you want to implement a more reliable security system, in addition to sensitizing employees; you will need software to help you efficiently manage each of these aspects. 

enhance your company's IT security

For this, BOMGAR Vault can be a great alternative, since it offers a business password management service, as well as encryption and other tools that guarantee the protection of keys and, in general, the company’s data.  

Among the most outstanding functions that this software offers to enhance the IT security of companies are: 

  • Random rotation of credentials
  • Continuous injection of credentials
  • Automatic credential scanning
  • Account management services
  • Security credentials between applications
  • Key storage vault

Each of these features will help to improve computer security at all levels of the company.

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