Best Pre Built Gaming PC Under 200

Best Pre Built Gaming PC Under 200

Our analysts have researched the market and identified the best pre built gaming PC under 200. The best gaming pc under 600 dollar test winner is the dcl24 Gaming Upgrade PC, which is our test winner for most gamers because it offers good value for the price.

Best Gaming PC Under 200 dollar

You want to assemble a gaming computer for a budget of 200 dollar? Then you are exactly right here! We present you the best 200 dollar gaming PC build here.

ASUS S278Q-P gaming monitor


  • Great 1ms response time
  • Large 27 inch display
  • 75Hz refresh rate provides enhanced gaming experience above 60 FPS
  • Great overall build quality


  • Highest price
  • Overclocking is required for 1080p 75Hz
  • No IP

The nickname “Bulky Speedster” means: A monitor that offers a smooth gaming experience, but is a bit larger.

27 inches might be considered a bit large for a 1080p display, but if you’re sitting a little further away from the monitor itself, or simply prefer larger screens, then going for a 27 inch monitor with these underlying specs isn’t a bad idea.

Like “The Boy Scout” before it, this monitor is one of our best of this pick for the best gaming monitor of 2019 under $200. This is due to its high refresh rate and minimal response time, in addition to being bolstered by the screen size and overall build quality over most of its peers.

The only real problems with this monitor are the features it doesn’t offer. However, if you’re a competitive gaming oriented gamer, sacrificing the benefits of an IPS panel for a competitive advantage shouldn’t be much of a problem.

ASUS VG245H gaming monitor


  • Great 1ms response time
  • 75Hz refresh rate for an enhanced gaming experience with more than 60FPS
  • FreeSync support for AMD GPUs
  • Great build quality


  • high price
  • No IP

The ASUS VG245H gaming monitor ranks among the best models on this list. Thanks to its compact size and focus on speed, we dubbed it “The Scout”. Like The Heavy before this, It is named after a specific class from Team Fortress 2.

The Scout gives you everything you could dream of in a gaming monitor for under $200: a fast 1ms response time and 75Hz refresh rate ensure you get the smoothest gaming experience for a monitor in this price range.

In addition to the good product features, the monitor also supports Free Sync. This means that if you’re running an AMD graphics card, you can use Free Sync as a VSync alternative, reducing stuttering and ensuring your games look as smooth as possible – even if they’re not displaying at full 60FPS.

Even without Free Sync, The Scout ranks among the best gaming monitors for under $200. While the price is closer to that price point than other options, you won’t be disappointed.

LG 25UM58-P Monitor (Ultra Wide)


  • Fair price
  • Large, ultra-wide monitor
  • IPS panel for great viewing angles and very good color reproduction
  • 75Hz balances the response time


  • 1080p requires overclocking
  • High response time

The ultra-wide LG 25UM58-P monitor offers you a large IPS screen with a wider and therefore more impressive view of your content. Thanks to the 21:9 aspect ratio, it offers you much more space than a typical monitor.

While most 1080p monitors feature an aspect ratio of 16:9 at 1920x1080p, this ultra-wide monitor has an aspect ratio of 21:9 with a resolution of 2560×1080. Simply put, this means it features the same pixel density as a regular 1080p monitor, but with a wider screen and the resolution for its aspect ratio.

We nicknamed it “The Heavy” after the class in Team Fortress 2. Of course, heavy can also mean bulky. However, thanks to its IPS panel, in addition to the ultra-wide display, it offers you incredible color reproduction and excellent viewing angles.

Surprisingly, the monitor can be overclocked at 75Hz despite the IPS panel. This somewhat offsets the high 5ms response time that is common for IPS monitors, giving you a smoother gaming experience.

While The Heavy isn’t top of the list for professional gamers, it’s still a better option than most IPS panels.

LG Q Series 27MP58VQ-P monitor


  • Fair price
  • IPS panel for great viewing angles and very good color reproduction
  • Very large


  • High response time
  • No 75Hz

The LG Q Series 27MP58VQ-P monitor is one of the best entry-level IPS display options on the market. We nicknamed this model “The Better Budget Beauty” or “BBB” for short.

The monitor costs just $155, which is right in the middle of the $100-$200 price range that we use as the basis for this article. Also, at 27 inches, it is a large monitor that allows you to easily watch media.

The only real downside to the monitor is what you’re giving up by going for an IPS.

You get better color reproduction and viewing angles at the cost of a slower response time and lower refresh rate.

This means that if you are a professional player, you probably shouldn’t get this model as you would have a slight disadvantage. If gaming is more your hobby or you prefer to play single-player titles anyway, then this monitor is definitely a good choice.

LG Q Series 24M47VQ monitor


  • budget price
  • Good response time


  • No IP
  • No 75Hz

Slightly slower response time than most other top screens

The cheapest option is the first to appear.

The LG Q Series 24M47VQ monitor comes into its own at under $150 at the time of this writing. Or, in other words, it’s available for a good hundred bucks.

To denote the price level and status as our budget pick, we’re going to refer to this monitor by the nickname “hundred” from now on, mainly for the sake of readability (and ease of writing for us).

The Hundred is a budget 1080p monitor that is gaming oriented. With a low, but not quite perfect, 2ms response time, it’s much better than the 5ms typical of sub-$100 screens.

This is possibly one of the first screens out there that is also suitable for a serious gaming experience. The two milliseconds are by no means even remotely perfect, but they are definitely many times better than five milliseconds.

Unfortunately, when directly compared to the other options on this list, it suffers due to its low price. It doesn’t have the budget to be able to offer 75 Hz or even an IPS panel, two technologies that can improve usability and viewing in general many times over.

Best gaming PC under 600 cheap 2022: ASUS ROG Strix Helios White Edition ATX Mid Tower Gaming Case

The ASUS ROG Strix Helios is an affordable budget prefab PC designed to help you play video games on medium to high settings without interruption. Its storage space isn’t much, but it’s good if you only want to use the computer for video games.


  • Good price
  • Great hardware
  • Easy to set up


  • Small storage space
  • Overclocking is risky
  • Limited stock


Should I Buy a Gaming PC or Gaming Laptop?

A gaming PC is usually better than a gaming laptop because you end up getting a more powerful gaming PC for less money than a gaming laptop. Only buy a laptop if you want to be portable.

Is it worth buying a gaming PC?

Unlike a console, a gaming PC is an investment that lets you do more than just play video games, and unlike a console, it can be upgraded with upgraded graphics cards in the future.

Build it yourself vs. prefabricated gaming PC?

It is recommended that you build your own PC as you can choose exactly the parts you need. However, if you don’t feel like finding compatible hardware and just want to play, there’s nothing wrong with buying a pre-built gaming PC.

Average Gaming PC Cost?

If you are on a small budget, you will have to spend around 400 euros. For the average gamer who wants to play the latest AAA titles on the highest settings, expect to pay between $500 and $800. And if you want a high-end machine, you can easily spend $1000+

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