How to edit pdf without adobe

What is a pdf?

PDF is not only a well-known and practical format. But also the only one that has been a standard since 2008. It was developed by a team at Adobe Systems. The developers decided to create a format to display the document on any device always looking the same. What does pdf stand for? A Portable Document Format. What does pdf mean? This format is used to store and transfer text and graphic information over the network. For example to transfer letterhead to the printing industry or to publish a questionnaire on a website. 

This is great for showing developments, but since it is difficult to edit. It makes it more difficult to steal intellectual property

How to type on a pdf?

writing to a PDF document was almost impossible unless you bought very expensive software. Today, whether you want to complete a form, answer a survey, add a paragraph, in short, write to a PDF file, everything has become much easier and above all … free! With this tutorial, you will learn how to write in a PDF document.

Libre Office

How to edit pdf online free? If you open a PDF file in the free software LibreOffice. You can easily convert it to a format compatible with the program. Thus make any changes you want to make.

Once the conversion has been carried out, you end up with a 100% editable file. If you want to make a PDF file again from the data you changed, just export the document again.

Foxit Reader

Like Acrobat Reader, the Foxit Reader program includes dialog boxes that you can easily overlay on the existing document. If you adapt the formatting of the text and make the outlines of this dialog invisible. You can make your addition go almost unnoticed and blend in naturally with the document.

However, be aware that the original text will always remain on the PDF, below your addition, as with Acrobat Reader.


With InkScape software, you have the ability to edit a PDF file to suit the original formatting of the document. As soon as you open a document with this program. You can use an edit text icon and select the area you are interested in.

This solution has the particularity of allowing a modification of the original text of the PDF. Which is not the case with Foxit Reader or Acrobat Reader. Simply offering the opportunity to superimpose new elements on the existing one. The formatting options are a little more complete than in LibreOffice. Which makes it easier to avoid lags on the typography.

Microsoft Word

How to edit a pdf on mac? If you have Microsoft Word installed on your PC or Mac. You are allowed to open a PDF document to edit every element, text and images. And can convert pdf to doc file and then edit your document as well. Let’s be frank, the import of the PDF will only be faithful to the original. If the fonts used to produce this PDF are available. And if the layout of the original document is simple enough.

By knowing the existence of these software, you will never be without solution again when it is necessary to quickly return a signed PDF document, or to add an annotation, or even to change/correct certain elements. Choose the most suitable ones based on their convenience, functionality, and your current needs.

How to edit PDF with trial software?

In the title of this practical sheet, we promise you free solutions. Reminding you in the preamble that they also have their limits. For professional needs, paid PDF editors are much better. It allowing you to edit text and images, with tools similar to those of a word processor. However, no software is faultless: on some PDFs, adding or removing a single letter can ruin your layout!

Whether it is just a one-off intervention or whether you are looking for the ideal pdf converter tool, installing one or more paid applications as a trial version is therefore a good idea to assess the skills of each. They are available for Windows and mac OS. Generally allow you to explore their tools for a few days, sometimes without any limitation. Check on a plain PDFdrive. During trial period, they don’t add a watermark message that would prevent from distributing document if that is your intention.

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