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Top 11 Regression Testing Tools

A buggy application with various features can negatively affect the user base and cost you money. Software development practices require test automation. Likewise, it is equally important to automate regression testing to analyze whether the app is performing as expected after any feature change or significant upgrade before its final release.

Sometimes changes in code or deployment of a new version of an app surprisingly affect the untouched functionality and fixing bugs can cause new bugs. So, it’s important for developers and testers to always keep in mind that even small, apparently unimportant alterations in the application’s source code can impact the general functionality in unexpected ways. To take precautions against it, QA engineers run regression tests.

In this article, we are going to learn about top regression testing tools. But before we proceed ahead it is important to understand what regression testing exactly means, when it is needed and what factors to keep in mind when choosing the right tool.

Regression testing

Regression testing is done for all functional and non-functional tests to ensure that any new build or modification in the code or bug fixes does not impact the previously working functionality of the existing feature of an application and also has not introduced any new bugs.

Regression means re-executing the unchanged part of the application to verify the impact of the change in the original functionality. In short, running regression tests means ensuring that not only the modification behaves as expected but also checking that it has not adversely affected other existing functionalities that have worked correctly when tested previously

In regression testing generally, test cases are required to be executed again and again. When running regression tests manually testers need to open the application in a browser and perform a set of necessary actions that cover the unchanged parts of an application. This is to ensure that everything works properly and looks perfect..

When the applications grow in complexity, checking the entire application for potential errors repeatedly is tedious, time-taking, costly, and challenging to scale. This also increases the tester’s and programming team’s stress levels because waiting longer to complete testing with each release cycle bothers them.

Hence to reduce their worry and make their task relatively easy various automated testing programs have been introduced that are specialized in regression tests. They provide testing parameters to check new changes in code against previous applications baselines, highlight inconsistencies in testing logs and specify areas where and why an unexpected function broke.

Automated regression test suites help the team to scale up their testing without adding more headcount because by automating regression test suites they can complete tests in a shorter amount of time and run multiple tests simultaneously.

Why the Regression Test

Regression testing is like a verification method when done correctly strengthens the team’s confidence that their application works properly after a code change. It is initiated when a programmer adds a new code to the application or fixes any bug. This testing is a measure to check that the existing functionality is not affected by the improvement in code.

A regression test is crucial in finding bugs during continuous improvement or changes added to the application. It is also required to verify that the new functionality has not negatively affected the existing tested code. If this testing is not performed properly then the application might get critical issues which can put the user into trouble in the live environment.

Hence performing regression testing is vital and plays a significant role in testing. However, to get the most out of this testing, choosing the correct tool is a must. Below are some factors you can consider while selecting the tool.

Factors for choosing a right tool

When you select a tool for regression testing keep the following factors in mind to make a good choice.

  • Select a tool that can easily create and maintain test cases. Also, the structure of test cases and test suites should be easily understandable.
  • The tool should be able to find the loophole that may exist during the requirement cycle.
  • The tool should support seamless integration for CI/CD pipelines
  • The tool must support test case execution depending on the type of application

Automated Regression Testing Tools

Automated Regression Test reduces most of the testing efforts and saves a lot of time. So automating the available set of test cases is an efficient regression test method.

There are many popular regression testing tools available in the market that can do wonders for your regression tests.

Properly executed regression tests help an organization stay competitive in an environment where processes are constantly changing. Automated tools enable the tester to quickly and smoothly execute the regression test case and save huge time. Here we are going to discuss some of the top tools that you can consider using depending on your need. We will start with LambdaTest.


Regression test suites grow with each added new functionality to the application that needs to be updated every time changes are made. Over time, the test suites become so large that executing them manually within tight deadlines seems no longer possible. Since it is repeatable and recurring in nature, it is best suited to automate the regression tests to speed up the process. If executed properly, automated regression testing promises to maximize the test result, provide a good user experience and make developer’s and QA’s life much easier. Thus performing automated regression tests using the LambdaTest platform can help you always stay release ready.

LambdaTest is a cloud-based tool for automation testing that supports both automated and manual testing of web and mobile. This platform lets you access its scalable cloud infrastructure of more than 3000 real mobile devices, desktop browsers, and operating systems with combinations to perform automated regression testing.

It is also capable of executing tests and delivering defect-free, high-quality user experiences and feedback in time. LambdaTest helps you pinpoint bugs introduced as a result of changes made in the code. You can also use this platform to distribute regression tests parallely and run them all at once.

LambdaTest allows writing test scripts in multiple programming languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, C#, JavaScript, etc. Some of the features it provides are automated builds to execute parallel tests, integration with defect tracking tools, automatically scheduled regression tests without human intervention, flexible defect reporting, video capturing of results, and many more.

A long list of testing services that this platform serves are Manual Testing, Load Testing, Usability Testing, Integration Testing, Test Automation, and many more.


Selenium is one of the top and most widely known browser-based regression automation testing tools that is a perfect fit for frequent regression testing. It is an open-source tool that supports many cross-environment, browsers, and operating systems.

Selenium is a suite of testing tools that comprises three different components. Each with a varied approach supporting test automation. The complete toolkit offers you perfect regression testing functionalities and all types of web application testing. The technology provides benefits from an extensive library of extensions and plugins, and also support for numerous third-party integrations.

You don’t need to learn a new language to automate Selenium tests because it offers high flexibility in choosing the language of your choice. The programming language it supports is Java, PHP, Rub, Python, and C#. It also enables you to get access to its community of professionals for extra guidance.

Avo Assure

Avo Assure is a no-code test automation solution that reduces testing effort and enables simpler and faster regression testing to ensure rapid, high-quality applications.

It supports cross-platform compatibility that provides testing across the web, mobile, and desktop. Avo Assure lets the team expand their test automation coverage by testing various applications and running end-to-end regression tests without writing a single line of code. This frees up the test team’s efforts and time from repetitive and tedious regression testing.

It is equipped with a number of features like Smart Scheduling and Execution for executing multiple test cases simultaneously. It also provides easy-to-read screenshots and videos of the entire test case execution to analyze reports.

Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is an all-in-one automated testing solution built on top of Selenium and Appium. It supports end-to-end testing for web, API, mobile, and desktop applications. It has a large community of users that makes it easy to find expert support.

It is a lightweight solution that is deployable on a range of macOS, Linux, and Windows devices. Its advanced features include built-in keywords, scripting mode, self-healing, cross-browser testing, test reporting, CI/CD integration with Bamboo, Jira, Jenkins, Selenium Grid, and many more. All these features help the QA teams to scale up and meet their extended testing needs.

Katalon Studio enables users with codeless solutions to automate regression testing and create and perform powerful tests. Because it is a ready-made framework and does not involve any complicated setup it is easy to use for beginners also which they can start right away.


TestComplete is an automated UI testing tool suitable for all kinds of testing environments. It allows you to quickly create, maintain, and execute regression tests across desktop, mobile, and web applications. TestComplete is suitable for running parallel regression tests with automated builds. With this platform, you can schedule and run tests automatically without manual intervention.

You can also create automated GUI tests in one browser and run them in parallel across a wide range of browsers, operating systems, resolutions, and devices. This platform encourages testers to identify and fix bugs in codes quickly and ensure complete test coverage with improved application quality. It allows you to verify your application quality without compromising on agility and speed. Some of its features include test recording, test visualizer, custom extensions, automated test execution, test reporting and analysis, database testing support, Integration with defect tracking tools, and many more.


Watir is Web Application Testing In Ruby. It is intended for web application testing but also allows you to automate regression testing suites.

This is an open-source platform with a built-in test recorder that allows you to write automated tests that are easy to read and maintain. Its user-friendly interface solution allows users to leverage this tool even with fewer programming skills than other alternative solutions. This is a lightweight easy-to-use tool that comes with cross-platform operating system support.

This tool supports many apps developed in different technologies and allows testing the functionality of every app by assessing the underlying code. It Supports browsers like Firefox and Safari with great browser interaction capabilities like clicking links, filling out forms, and validating text. Big companies like SAP, Facebook, and Oracle use Watir.

Ranorex Studio

Ranorex Studio is an all-in-one test automation solution for accelerated regression test cycles for desktop, mobile, and web apps. It provides ease for beginners by offering a cordless click-and-go interface and various helpful wizards, as well as full IDE access for automation experts. With this platform Regression tests can be run in parallel or distributed on a Selenium grid for increased efficiency

To improve the manageability of regression tests testers can take advantage of the features it provides such as powerful object identification, support for data-driven, key-driven tests, customizable test reports (including screenshots, detailed error logs), and built-in Selenium WeDriver. It also provides video reporting of test execution to know what went wrong during testing without re-running the test. You can also integrate it with a variety of popular tools like Git, Jira, TestRail, and Jenkins for advanced insights.

Ranorex Studio provides reusable code modules for effective test creation, reports defects in a defect tracking system, manages automated tests with source control, and many more.


Using TestComplete you can create automatically scheduled regression tests across the web, desktop, and mobile applications. It is suitable for executing parallel regression tests with automated builds without any manual intervention. It lets you create tests that are unbreakable under UI changes.


This ideal automated regression testing tool provides the flexibility to write easy scriptless tests in plain English. It lets you generate a detailed report of regression test executions on several device configurations at a time. While creating regression tests it provides automatic suggestions for applicable or affected test cases after the bug gets fixed or a feature gets improved.

The centralized object repository feature helps to easily track and resolve locator issues. It also supports integrations with CI/CD tools, such as Jenkins, JIRA, Slack, etc. Testsigma allows periodical executions of regression tests right after the first check-ins,  without any manual intervention.

Sahi Pro

Sahi Pro is a single automation tool for multiple technologies. Testers prefer this tool It allows quick testing of large web applications, especially in tough-deadline It is also one of the best-automated regression testing tools that testers focus on. Getting started with Sahi Pro you don’t need any special training, just basic coding skills will be enough because this tool is simple to use and learn, and requires minimal maintenance effort.

Sahi Pro can run cross-browser/multi-browser testing of complex web applications allowing you to code less and achieve more in cross-browser web applications. It can be used on any modern browser that supports javascript.

The smart assessor feature ensures the test script does not fail, regardless of the changes in the UI. Its in-built logging and reporting features, easy integration with build systems, in-built  Excel framework, and data-driven suits make it a great choice among testers for regression testing.


With TestDrive you can execute automated regression testing rapidly, hence reducing testing time. It helps with vigorous, dynamic, flexible, and easily deployable tests. It supports various technologies, interfaces, and application types simultaneously, and is best suited for testing browser apps, legacy apps, and GUIs.

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